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This project at ELL is an growing collection of stories, sounds and candid conversations that shape and reflect our collective understanding of space, social currents, and home. To hold these narratives, the architecture acts as a mediator; recording and hosting a wide array of sounds, both well crafted and dissonant, that portray contributions to the making of place. What we often consider mundane, are the scores to our everyday, sounds that resonate with others on a global scale, or may shed light on the nuances of a context unkown. Here, we aim to archive these experiences.

From Home Productions highlights the architectural collaboration between F. Jason Campbell, David Pierce and Nicholas Ruiz of Ohio Design. The making of a modular and sustainable sound space began with study of Ohio's fabrication process, revealing opportunities to leverage their knowledge of making and design sensibility. Located in San Francisco's Mission District, Ohio...., a process that has repositioned ELL as an archival space -  every growing as stories are shared.

OHIO Design is a designer and builder of modern furniture and interiors. We value raw materials and the finished piece; the home it decorates and the people using it; the makers who made it and the designers who designed it. We consider the entire process important.

Public Events

Vinyl Archives : David Gabriner

StorySpace : ELL

Confessionals : Joshua Rampage

Conversations : Ohio Design

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